May 29th, 2009 | Analytics

Yahoo! Web Analytics launches its 9.5 version and our clients love it!

We are excited with the release of Yahoo! Web Analytics v9.5 (ex IndexTools) and we are succesfully upgrading our clients´ accounts to the new version.

Among the new features you will find:

– New Demographic Dimensions.
– New Psychographic Dimensions.
– New Charting Capabilities.
– New Path Analysis.
– New Negative-Segmentation opportunities.
– New version 5 tracking code.
– Native PDF export.
– Use up to 50 actions (goals).
– Introduction of 38 custom fields.

It is important to point out that demographic data will not only be presented in sexy charts but you will also be able to use it for filtering information in other reports.

Overall, a VERY impressive upgrade!

If you are a Y!WA 9.5 user login here.

Be sure to read our review soon at the Analytics 2.0 blog.


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