November 19th, 2014 | Analytics, Events

Digital Marketing Strategies to run your business

What are the most effective Digital Marketing trends right now? What’s the best thing you could be doing for your business in this regard? This is what WebCongress Summit covered together with a variety of digital professionals and leaders, from all over the world, including our CEO, Juan Damia.


Intellignos Workshop there was thrilling. Have you ever thought of companies as systems, a set of components interacting together with a common objective? Juan Damia, our CEO, certainly did. Because analytics aren’t digital-only, and neither is the information and data that drive a company forward.

It’s not key having the best set of parts (campaign, website, community, employees) but the ones that interacts in the optimum way to make the system reach its objective, Damia said. The information system is what generates the sensors to measure the system interactions and identify the constraint capacity resource. Co-variance analysis has a great potential to understand which of the huge amount of variables are responsible for making the company increase its business results (Short or large term results).


Other speakers included Adrian García from Facebook, who kicked off on the first day, with how audiences are turning to spend more time, more digital, more mobile. According to García, there’s also a big chance to improve on messaging: While most of the time companies believed that a message should be massive, now it’s more about targeting and messaging for those targets, to create meaningful conversations.


Speakers from Twitter, Sony Music, Venture Hive, and Florida International University were also there to share their points of view on Digital Marketing.


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