May 15th, 2015 | Analytics

Turning TV content in a multiplatform business

Turning Digital TV into a relevant business

One of our clients in the entertainment industry, which provides premium content like TV Series and Movies through multiple cable operators, was looking to develop a new revenue stream by offering video on-demand on a wide range of platforms like PC, smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs and Video Games Consoles.

Intellignos designed and implemented a cutting edge measurement structure based on advanced Google Analytics implementation integrated with multi-platform data in order to understand viewer’s journey and identify the key set of variables for viewers who converge in a paid content conversion and in which cases advertising was the right revenue stream. With focus on improving the ad impact, Intellignos developed a proprietary model oriented to identify the best advertisement to be displayed for each particular viewer segment and in which section of the video.


  • Video on demand revenues went sky high, turning this channel into a relevant and profitable business unit.
  • Sustained increase in advertising revenues in all devices
  • Automation in communication based on rules, with tailored messages reducing churn to less than 5%.
  • Customer satisfaction increased to up to 95%.

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