The marketing landscape (regardless of online or offline) is evolving much faster than the capacity to incorporate those changes on the go, and while most companies are now focusing on big data solutions, most of them are not yet prepared to take full advantage of what technology and Big Data Analytics is presenting us these days.



Based on our vast experience, we’ve developed a set of training courses to improve your team skills in a pragmatic and dynamic way. Some of our most popular trainings are:

  • How to empower SEO practices with Big Data Techniques.
  • How to take the best from Google Analytics/Adobe Analytics with advanced Implementations.
  • Tips and tricks for taking full advantage of Google Analytics/Adobe Analytics.
  • IBM Big Data Cloud like a boss.
  • How to create real time dashboards con Tableau, Klipfolio or Qlik.
  • How to accelerate your conversions with constraint management techniques.
  • How to take full advantage of A/B and Multivariate Testing.
  • Predictive Analytics based on most popular Machine Learning techniques.
  • Tips and Tricks for E-commerce
  • Tips and Tricks for Publishers
  • Tips and Tricks for Banking

We also develop ad-hoc trainings based on the specific skills your team needs to develop. We evaluate your team’s current skills and the ones you need for a specific position in order to develop trainings that will take them to the desired state of skills, in an interactive and headache-free process.

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