September 15th, 2016 | Training

TOP 7 Findings from Big Data & Digital Marketing in LATAM

These are the TOP 7 findings from the 2016 Big Data Analytics and Digital Marketing Latam Report:

  1. Struggle converting decisions into actions: While 98% of companies carry out digital marketing actions and measure the results of these actions, 46% is able to generate findings with that information and only 12% is able to convert such findings into action. bigdatasituation
  2. Moving towards big data with unexperienced people: It’s pretty surprising that 61% of companies choose to train current employees on issues that they don’t fully dominate. howcompaniesobtainprofessionals
  3. In the technology stage: LATAM is still struggling with technology, that can explain why they are still not able to make decisions with the information they already have. bigdatainvestmentdistribution
  4. Low penetration of Big Data Solutions: The vast majority of Digital Marketing professionals interviewed (over 70%) prefer Google Analytics and Excel as their main tools to manipulate data and generate findings (insights).analyticstoolkitlatam
  5. Content still the king: “Content and Creativity” is the Marketing Activity in which most companies (almost 22%) are investing big part of their marketing budgets.mainmarketingactivities
  6. Programatic buyers taking more advantage of BDA: Companies investing more in programatic than in traditional buying are also those which invest heavier in Big Data Analytics. datavsprogrammatic
  7. Latam SMBs taking advantage of online media: Probably because of budget advantages, or because the advantages of internet, SMBs are definitely focused on online marketing. Big companies are still with focused on Offline.  investmentsmbsvsbigcompanies


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