November 17th, 2014 | Analysis, Analytics

Successful Mobile BI Teams

According to SAP, there are 6 keys for mobile business intelligence teams success. Want to improve your own team? Here’s how.


An article by Kaan Turnali, Global Customer Operations, Reporting and Analytics Platform at SAP, says if you study successful mobile BI teams, you’ll find there are six determining factors that never fail.


First one is “they seek business value first”. It’s clearly an important one, weather if it’s taken under consideration at the beginning or the end. The other five are: “Chase perfection with user experience”, “Seek beyond-technical expertise”, “run with tenacity”, “seek value in integrated solutions” and “innovate with customer focus”.


How about your team? Hoy many factors do they meet?


Fore more info, visit SAP Analytics Blog here.



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