Only 18 percent of companies believe they have the necessary skills to gather and use insights effectively. A big part of this issue is caused by the lack of knowledge regarding Big Data Analytics. It’s not surprising. Every year the market generates half of the required professionals, heating salaries and pushing professionals from other fields to Big Data Analytics without a sufficient level of knowledge and practice.

Big Data capabilities empower companies to generate long-term advantages in every aspect of its value chain.

“Investing in an in-house analytics team is always an attractive proposition but is expensive and difficult to convince management to fund without fully knowing the future benefits. Outsourcing is an easier way to get capabilities quickly and at a low cost.” (MIT Sloan Management Review “ Should you outsource Analytics?”.

When Intellignos began offering Big Data Analytics services, it was really hard to find experienced professionals in the market. This pushed us to develop our proprietary process for identifying the right profiles, evaluating and training them to perform in the most challenging activities for our Fortune 500 clients.

Now we converted that know-how into a service aimed to help you get the best people for the most challenging Big Data Activities you might be facing.

Some of our services are:


  • SEO.
  • A/B Testing.
  • UX Analytics.
  • Research and Digital Research.
  • Big Data Analytics.
  • Google Analytics Standard and Premium certified expert.
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud Expert.
  • Big Data Platforms experts (Hadoop, Sqoop, Hive, Casandra, MongoDB, SSPS, etc).
  • IBM Big Data Cloud expert.
  • Klipfolio, Tableau & Qlik Expert.
  • Data Scientists.
  • Big Data Cloud Infrastructure Expert.
  • Big Data Project Manager (PMO).


Intellignos is actively involved in the Big Data industry in different fields besides hiring, like education, conferences, in-company trainings, setting industry standards, etc. This has allowed us to develop one of the biggest qualified databases of Big Data professionals.
The process begins with a requirements assessment. Based on our clients’ specific requirements, we perform a search process that includes a technical and a HR assessment. Our qualified team seeks professionals with the required knowledge and skills.


We perform an initial assessment to each professional to identify the level of qualification on each of the client’s required skills. The report is presented to the client with an estimation of the training costs required to have the professional with the total required skills.

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