“We help the most challenging companies in the world improve their competitive situation through the use of Big Data in new and creative ways”

Big Data Analytics Services
Based on our proprietary know-how, we have developed a set of services based on extracting the maximum potential from your data in order to generate high–impact insights for your businesses.

Data Science Services
Based on those special needs from our most sophisticated clients, we’ve developed a set of practices that drive our clients to a completely new dimension in data solutions, generating exploratory and predictive insights as never before.

“Investing in an in-house analytics team is always an attractive proposition but is expensive and difficult to convince management to fund without fully knowing the future benefits. Outsourcing is an easier way to get capabilities quickly and at a low cost.” (MIT Sloan Management Review “ Should you outsource Analytics?”.

Platforms recommendations and implementations
A wrong decision of platforms can cost you a fortune and generate a very negative impact in terms of time and data usage. At Intellignos we are fully objective in terms of platforms. None of our partnerships are based on sales targets, because our goal is to give you the best advice according to your specific needs.

The marketing landscape (regardless of online or offline) is evolving much faster than the capacity to incorporate those changes on the go. Based on our vast experience we’ve developed a set of training courses to improve your team skills in a pragmatic and dynamic way.


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