March 21st, 2015 | Analytics

See how the Analytics game is flipping

Get ready to make your move, see how the Analytics game is flipping.

The analytics game is flipping


Top Technology Priorities for 2015 are:

1. Business Intelligence / Analytics.

2. Infraestructure and Data Center.

3. Cloud.

4. ERP.

5. Mobile.

6. Digitalization / Digital Marketing.

7. Security.

8. Networking, Voice and Data.

Industry-Specific Applications.

9. CRM.

10. Industry specific applications.

11. Legacy Modernization.

12. Enterprise applications.

The information is based in the Gartner annual CIO survey, with 2810 respondents from 84 countries, representing 12.1 Trillion dollars in revenue and 397 Billion in IT investment.

Almost 90% of the respondent were agreed that “The digital is creating new types and level of risk for our business”, making the Analytics game flipping as follows:

– From backward-looking reporting to forward-looking predictive Analytics.

– From passive analysis of data to active experimentation informed by data.

– From estructure information to new types of information including social and multimedia.

– From separate Analytics to embedded Analytics.

More than 75% of the respondent anticipated they will need to change their leadership style over next three years.

If you want to know how to be prepare for the new Analytics game, contact us now.


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