December 16th, 2014 | Analysis, Analytics

Refreshing “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase”

This month Google Analytics launched a new improved version of the Customer Journey to Online Purchase, with a few key enhancements. Now the data is based on millions of consumer interactions, updated the industry classifications, and they’ve split out paid search so you can see the influence of brand and generic search terms on the purchase decision.

In each industry you can now see journeys for small, medium and large companies, which can often be quite different.


For instance, the above image shows the journey for customers of small businesses in the shopping industry. Note that organic search is very often an “assist” interaction for these customers.

Now you can drill down into each marketing channel for a closer look at the role it plays based on its position in the purchase path. Channels that occur more frequently in the beginning of the path are more likely to help generate awareness for your product, while the end of the path is closer to the customer’s purchase decision.


In these charts, for example, we see the different roles that different channels play in the Shopping industry. One interesting insight is that all channels — even those traditionally thought of as “upper funnel” or “lower funnel” — occur throughout the purchase path, but a given channel may be more common at particular stages depending on its role (and depending on the industry).


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