February 10th, 2015 | Analytics

Now you can recover your data in Google Analytics

Now you don’t have to worry anymore if you put your finger in the wrong place because the Google Analytics Team, based on their users recommendations (and desperate pleas) introduced a new feature to provide a safety net each time you delete a view, property or account from your Google Analytics account: the Trash Can.

Trash Can


To get started, navigate to the Administration tab, select an account, and click the Trash Can feature on the left-hand panel. Check off what you want to reclaim, click “Restore,” and voilà! Your view, property or account is now just as it was before you deleted it. Once 35 days pass from the day you originally trashed it, however, you’ll have to say a final goodbye as the data will be removed from the Trash Can and will no longer appear there.

This feature will be rolling out to all Google Analytics accounts in the coming weeks, but don’t worry–anything you’ve deleted starting from the January 1st will still show up in the Trash Can once you get the feature update in your account.

For more information visit Google Analytics Blog.


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