December 2nd, 2015 | Analytics, Big Data

New era of contents II: Most Digital Viewers Multitask While Watching Live TV

Multitasking is apparently the new way of consuming content. Based on a research from TiVo, presented by eMarketer, more than 50% of the people said they do multitasking while watching live TV (According to a TIVO research on video viewers ages 18 and older).
Why is people multitasking while watching TV? Commercials are likely the reason why more digital video viewers multitask while watching TV. Netflix doesn’t have commercials, but other streamed content, like Hulu, does. And viewers are frequently turning to other distractions when their show or live event is on commercial break.
More than 75% said they where eating while watching TV, while 69% of the respondents said they send text messages while are watching TV.


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