Who we are

Intellignos is the leading consultancy firm that develops intellectual property that helps the most challenging companies in the world improve their competitive situation through the use of Big Data in new and creative ways.

Working with the most challenging companies in the world pushes us to develop cutting edge practices that drive our clients to accomplish outstanding results.

“In 2015 our clients generated more than $300 billion in revenues”

We base our practices in three pillars:

  1. Companies are systems: As a system, every particular company is a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole serving a common purpose.
  2. Interactions define the results: Each part of the system (People, technology, etc) has a vital role in bringing the company closer to its objective. Developing an ad-hoc information system that measures those interactions (and only those ones) it is imperative for making efficient decisions.
  3. Resources are scarce: No matter how big a company is, resources are scarce. We focus on those resources that are preventing the company to improve their business results.

Our Vision

“We help the most challenging companies in the world improve their competitive situation through the use of Big Data in new and creative ways”.

Our Values

  • Passion and perseverance in helping our customers.
  • Proactivity in finding creative solutions.
  • Our skills are focused in serving our client’s business goal.
  • Fluency and warmth in our bond with the customer.
  • Commitment with the information confidentiality.
  • Ensure and take advantage of time required for R & D.
  • Encourage and support the personal and professional development of ALL Intelligners.

Our working way

  1. Our work is focused on helping our clients add value today (income) and in the future (purchase intention).
  2. All resources that make our customers’ businesses have to interact in ways that facilitate point 1.
  3. We are interested only in that resource (website, campaigns, applications, various marketing actions) that is the primarily responsible for not achieving point 1.
  4. The only usefulness of the information is to highlight the point 3 and drive optimal actions according to the available decision-making scenario. This point is repeated cyclically.
  5. All system (Company) resources compete with himself, if a resource does not add, then subtract.
  6. The past is only useful for planning for the future. Don’t lose your time trying to change the past.
  7. All actions that don’t bring the company closer to its business result become an accounting liability.
  8. Systems are unique, external benchmarking distracts and alienates the company from point 1. Internal benchmarking is the best way to accelerate the growth because it leads to point 3.
  9. If you can not measure the impact on point 1, how can you know that you are not taking the company away from it? Reread point 7.
  10. Behind the point 1 there is an ecosystem of people who will be affected by your actions, do your work with excellence and responsibility.