June 30th, 2009 | Training

Intellignos speaks at Universidad de Palermo about e-commerce strategies

Last Monday 29th, we had the opportunity to present to a crowded audience at Universidad de Palermo our ideas for successfully managing an e-commerce business based on Web Analytics strategies. The seminar talk was entitled “Managing online information efficiently in order to overcome times of crisis. Web Analytics strategies and tactics for Online Retailers” and the topics discussed centered around:

• Improve ROI based on on-going analysis of campaign conversions.
• Measuring performance and impact of marketing programs through different channels.
• Improving marketing spend across channels.
• Use the knowledge about behavior of visitors in order to improve cross-sell and up-sell.
• Reduce acquisition costs of new clients by measuring performance of traffic sources.
• Improve conversion by applying user experience and usability best practices.

We would like to thank the MBA attendees and, of course, Gabriel Foglia and Gabriel Krell from the Graduate School of Business at Universidad de Palermo for letting us be part of a great evening.

Be sure to download the presentation below!


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