September 27th, 2015 | Outsource, Training

Intellignos Outsource Big Data Analytics Services

It’s been 9 years since Avinash published his 90/10 rule for web analytics success. If you want to succeed with data you have to invest 10% in platforms and technology and 90% in people. Nine years later, according to the McKinsey survey Marketing in Three Dimensions, only 18 percent of companies believe they have the skills necessary to gather and use insights effectively.

Based on more than 7 years of experience in recruiting and training Big Data Analytics professionals, with our own intellectual property and processes, we developed a set of end to end services that help our clients accelerating the recruiting time and hiring professionals that are ready to make a difference in their companies.

Some of our main services are:

  1. Recruiting: We do an inicial assessment to have an in depth understanding of the required profile. Then we seek for a candidate that, based on our experience, will be able to perform all the required activities.
  2. Skills Gap Analysis and Training: For new and current resources we do a Big Data Analytics Skills Gap Analysis to identify which of the skills required for a particular position are not been addressed. Then we use our proprietary training processes to improve those skills in the time period required by our client.
  3. Mentorship: When companies don’t have the Big Data Analytics knowledge in company, we provide a mentorship sessions accompanying a person or team in the process of acquiring the required knowledge.
  4. Big Data Analytics Outsource: In those cases when knowledge is not in-company or when it is required to satisfies an uncommon level of Data Process and Analysis Intellignos provides the best in class outsourced Big Data Analytics teams.  The MIT published a report called “Should you outsource Analytics?” which says “Investing in an in-house analytics team is always an attractive proposition but is expensive and difficult to convince management to fund without fully knowing the future benefits. Outsourcing is an easier way to get capabilities quickly and at a low cost.”.

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