September 20th, 2015 | Partnerships

Intellignos certified as Google Cloud Platform Partner

Due to some amazing developments carried on by Intellignos based on Google Cloud Platform and after a rigorous certification program, Intellignos became Google Cloud Platform Partner. “We are glad and honoured for this certification which expands our horizon of services enabling us to participate in very ambitious and challenging projects related to Media Analytics, Mobile Applications, Websites and Web Apps, Retail and Ecommerce, Development and Testing, Big Data, Gaming and Internet of Things among many others” said Juan Damia, CEO at Intellignos.

Google Cloud Platform Partners help businesses of all shapes and sizes run on Google Cloud Platform. From building custom applications and managed services, to providing tools that make development easier.

Some of the solutions that Google Cloud Platform offers are:

Big Data:

  1. BigQuery: Analyze Big Data in the Cloud. Run Fast, SQL-like queries against petabytes of data in seconds.
  2. DataFlow: Dataflow is real-time data processing service for Batch and Stream data processing.
  3. DataProc: Google Cloud Dataproc is a managed Spark and Hadoop service that is fast, easy to use and low cost.
  4. PUB/SUB: Connect your services with reliable, many-to-many, asynchronous messaging hosted on Google’s infrastructure.


  1. Translate API: Create multilingual apps and translate text into other languages programmatically.
  2. Prediction API: Use Google Cloud Machine Learning algorithms to analyze data and predict future outcomes using familiar RESTful interface.
  3. Cloud Endpoints:  Create RESTful services from your code and make them accesible to iOS, Android and Javascript clients using APP Engine.


  1. Cloud Storage: Powerful, Simple and Cost effective object storage service with global edge-catching.
  2. Nearline: A highly available, Affordable solution for backup, archiving and disaster recovery.
  3. Cloud SQL: Store and manage data using a fully-managed, relational MySQL database.
  4. DataStore: A managed NoSQL, schemaless database for storing non-relational data.
  5. BigTable: Cloud BigTable is a fast, fully managed, massively scalable NoSQL database service.

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