September 27th, 2011 | Events

Intellignos at the Google Analytics Partners Summit 2011

From September 14th through September 16th, Intellignos attended Google´s most important event for their Google Analytics Certified Partners Program. The event was held in Mountain View (USA), and gathered Authorized Consultants from around the globe to exchange their work experiences, know each other a little bit more and talk about future and upcoming developments in the Web Analytics industry.

We also had the chance to learn about very exciting new stuff that will be unveiled in the upcoming weeks and months. We cannot disclose any specifics (due to the typical Non-Disclosure Agreement) but what we CAN say is that the Google Analytics platform is about to enter a new phase of development and growth. Right now, 50% of all the websites in the world are measured using Google Analytics. That´s pretty amazing, isn´t it? Well… that percentage will surely continue it´s exponential growth with the new developments that Google has in store. Stay tuned for the big news!

Also amazing was the chance Google gave us to participate in a discussion panel alongside Justin Cutroni and a couple other GA Partners. The panel was held as part of the main event, so Juan Damia, Intellignos´ co-founder had privilege of sharing his insights about the current state of the Web Analytics industry and its future. Quite an honor!

About the Google Analytics Certified Partner program: Google has implemented the GACP program to provide its users with the best support and service from each region. In this regard, Google implemented a rigorous certification program that only a few companies in the world where able to fulfill. Intellignos is one of the three GACP in Hispanic America, and also the first one to get such incredible certification.

By the way, you can see that we also had a GREAT time just by looking at these pictures!



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