September 27th, 2010 | Events

Intellignos at the 2010 GACP Summit

From September 14th through September 16th, Intellignos was present at the most important event at Google for their Google Analytics Certified Partners program. The event gathered Authorized Consultants from around the globe to exchange their work experiences, know each other a liitle bit more and talk about future and upcoming developments in the Web Analytics industry.

We came back from the event with fully charged batteries and a bunch of new ideas for our clients´ projects.

About the Google Analytics Certified Partner program: Google has implemented the GACP program to provide its users with the best support and service from each region. In this regard, Google implemented a rigorous certification program that only a few companies in the world where able to fulfill. Intellignos is one of the two GACP in Hispanic America, and also the first one to get such incredible certification.


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