April 8th, 2010 | Events

Intellignos at HOWA/BA 2010

A few days ago Intellignos was once again present in heart and mind at HOWA/BA 2010, the one-of-a-kind Web Analytics event that Juan Manuel Damia, Intellignos co-founder, organizes every year. The event promotes learning amongst the Web Analytics community by sharing knowledge and expertise in an open and interactive environment.

The event was sponsored by Intellignos, Google, SocialMetrix and other important companies. The nearly 300 hundred people that attended the event had the chance to not only listen to great speakers such as Enrique Quevedo, Lorena Amarante, Mariano Amartino, Germán Herebia and others, but also share their experiences and insights based on their daily work using analytics tools and practices.

You can read more about HOWA, check the videos and download the presentantions on its website.


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