July 8th, 2015 | Analysis, Events

Insights from SIP Connect Miami

The Inter American Press Association held its inaugural SipConnect conference in Miami last week.

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation President Alberto Ibargüen kicked off the event, citing the change in mindset required to successfully move forward on new platforms.

“The biggest change in the digital era is that which requires a new way of thinking,” said Ibargüen, former editor of The Miami Herald and member of the American Academy of Arts and Science. Ibargüen pointed to the most successful Internet companies — including Google and Facebook — and said they are successful because they concede power to their users who, in response, return in large numbers.

Juan Damia, Intellignos’ CEO talked about the “Disconnection between business and operational metrics” and how that impacts, in a negative way, the volume of digital business. “Counts like pageviews, fans, views, punchases are metrics with a lack of sense by itself. If I tell you that a specific ecommerce website is selling 5000 units, is that good or bad?. It depends”. Then he continued “Each hierarchical level in the organization’s structure must consume different data, but today, the very same metrics are being shared from the operational level to the c-level as we can see in the following chart”.

Finally Mr. Damia finished the presentation with “There’s nothing a CEO can do with quantity of Fans, Pageviews, Clics, CTR or even ROI because he has to report two things: Money today (Ebitda, revenues) and Money tomorrow (Purchasing Intention). From Fans in Facebook to Money there’s a huge gap that is normally filled by the most daring inferences. Those two metrics must be linked by a Metric Connector like every X Fans we get an increase or Y% in sales (R=0.8).”


IAPA Executive Director Ricardo Trotti also stressed the strategic importance that the SipConnect2015 conference has for IAPA, which for more than 60 years has worked in defence of freedom of the press and of expression. “We have to promote digital change in order to be sure that those freedoms will always continue to be defended in the new media environments,” Trotti declared.



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