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Indextools Announces Intellignos as its Strategic Partner in Latin America

Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 10th, 2008 – Indextools (Inc.), leading provider of cutting edge online marketing analytics platform, announced today a Strategic Partnership with Intellignos, the Argentina based first Web Analytics and Business Intelligence Company for Latin America.

“We’ve been in the internet industry since 1996 and from that moment on measurement has been the key for Web Site and Community Management. Today we are proud to be the Strategic Partner of Indextools in Latin America.” said Intellignos co-Founder, Martin Enriquez.

“Together we’ll be developing regional markets offering the most powerful and most flexible Web Analytics tool available in the industry at an excellent price/performance ratio. We believe that by joining Indextools and blending it with our services we will enable our clients, and help companies, to take their next step into Web Analytics, creating deep valuable information and enlightening insights“, he added.

Enriquez estimates that after trying entry level and/or free Web Analytics tools, companies will start seeking for more sophisticated services to manage their online businesses.
According to Mr. Enriquez; “It is a natural consequence. After companies realize how much leverage they can get by obtaining and analyzing information, they will tend to look for more complex and sophisticated solutions to help them grow their online business”.
Enriquez mentioned that this process started at the beginning of 2006 in the US and will probably occur during 2008 and 2009 in Latin America.

“We are very satisfied with Intellignos partnership, especially because it represents the opportunity to enter into the Latin American market hand to hand with such well known and experienced professionals as Mr. Enriquez and Mr.Damia. To count with them as partners is something that will add value to Indextools and its future clients in the region” said Indextools COO Dennis R. Mortensen.

“Today, there are several Web Analytics tools in the market, oriented to different segments that can help managers to run their Web Sites and On Line businesses more effectively. At Intellignos we choose to partner with Indextools taking into account our bigger clients´ needs. Because of its power, flexibility, adaptability and integration capabilities with different sources of information and internal systems, Indextools has demonstrated to be the best choice for medium and big complex projects” explained Intellignos co-Founder, Juan Damia.

“Compared to the US and Europe the Web Analytics and Business Intelligence discipline in Latin America is just starting, and as the first company to offer those services in the region, we know we have a long run to go, but we are very excited about the challenge and we know that Indextools will be a very important and active partner in the pursue of success”, stated Mr.Enriquez.

About Intellignos
Intellignos, a privately held company, offers integrated Web Analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions. From KSI (Key Strategic Indicators) and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) definition to Ongoing Analysis and Reporting, the company provides a complete solution to extract insightful information to help its clients achieve outstanding results.
Founded by Martin Enriquez, a former Internet and Telecommunications companies executive, and Juan Damia, former Research and Analytics manager, the company is acting in the Latin American and US Hispanic markets and it’s focused in medium and large companies across the region.
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About Indextools
IndexTools offers a highly customizable and scalable analytics platform for online marketing companies´ activity in each phase of the customer lifecycle. With IndexTools Web Analytics and Bid Management, businesses gain accurate, insightful and timely intelligence about their online marketing effectiveness.

IndexTools´ services have boosted the online performance of more than 3500 clients worldwide, including Tesco, Vodafone, PriceRunner, and John Deere.

IndexTools serves its worldwide client base directly through a network of more than 250 local partners in over 25 countries around the globe. IndexTools was founded in 2000, and operates from three offices:
IndexTools Americas – New York, US
IndexTools Germany, Austria & Switzerland – Frankfurt, Germany
IndexTools EMEA, Asia Pacific – Budapest, Hungary
IndexTools´ competitors include Omniture, Webtrends, and Coremetrics.

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