January 7th, 2011 | Events, Training

HOWA/BA reached a new and exciting peak!

Taking its free and Hands-On spirit across the Andes, HOWA debuted in Santiago (Chile) with a record-breaking attendance and a very enthusiastic audience. In Buenos Aires, more than 350 HOWERS crowded 2 dates – March and December – , establishing HOWA as a must in the Web Analytics calendar.

HOWA 2010 kicked off in March in Buenos Aires, where more than 250 enthusiastic HOWERS –with many new faces – learned, exchanged ideas and points of view, networked and; most importantly, where inspired to experiment by getting their hands on the tools to learn and gain experience.

The topics covered by the keynote speakers ranged from Social Media Analytics, to Analytics in Blogging to Business Analytics; and, in all cases, the Q&A sessions where filled with interesting ideas which took the topics to a deeper level of coverage and understanding.

By mid 2010 HOWA Chile was a fact and so, on July 30th in the Telefónica Building in Santiago, HOWA/SCL made its grand international debut before 500 eager- to-learn attendees. The new HOWERS followed every keynote presentation, intensively discussed (in person and through Twitter) ideas and networked from early morning till the afternoon.

The speakers served as the spark that ignited the exchange of ideas and experiences in a wide range of topics, such as Social Media presence for Companies, Growth Management, Governmental web presence and the underlying logic behind metrics. Everybody, including well experienced industry members, learned from the insights brought by the attendees.
After the wrap-up, the shirts give-away turned downtown Santiago´s afternoon into a small sea of black-dressed geeks proudly showing off their chests with the HOWA logo.

Thanks to the great success of the first edition of HOWA Chile, 2011 will see Santiago again, and it will surely be bigger, more interesting and a lot funnier!

This great year couldn´t come to an end without having the Christmas Edition of HOWA. Named “HOWA XPRESS” and held on December 22nd , this last event of the year set the stage for 2011. With the motto “analyzing 2010, thinking on 2011”, almost 100 HOWERS made a stop from their Christmas shopping and came down to Palermo University in Buenos Aires to discuss the new aspects of Google´s Personalized Search and its effects on SEO, Social Media Monitoring and the new challenges the industry will have in future years.

These topics, covered by industry experts, helped to define the main goals we should have in 2011: Keep Learning, take the analysis to a deeper level and turn all that into sheer action.

That´s a great way to define HOWA in 2011: deeper level of Analysis, actionable ideas; and constant learning.

See you all in HOWA 2011.


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