October 16th, 2015 | Big Data

Double Click & BIGQUERY the perfect match

Now you can optimize your digital marketing activities such as product marketing decisions, digital ads, and direct mail delivery – and have them based on deeper insights into your customers. You could find the customer who recently visited your web site, has a certain amount of historic spend with your e-commerce solution or in your physical stores, and has shown behaviour similar to previous high-profit customers. You may want to focus on such high ROI customers to realize an effective “more-with-less” digital marketing strategy.




This may sound hard to put into practice, but in reality, many companies already have sufficient data within their Google Analytics logs, corporate databases, or CRM systems to realize this aspiration. The only missing piece is a way to link and correlate those data sources in a scalable, timely, and cost-effective way to extract intelligence for optimized digital marketing.

Now, Google delivers the missing piece: Google Analytics Premium and Google BigQuery integration. By automatically importing unsampled logs from Google Analytics Premium to Google BigQuery, you can easily write SQL queries to correlate your website visitor activity with other valuable business data such as point-of-sale records, online purchase history, and user sign-in logs. Using this combined insight into your customers, you can then generate customized Ad Remarketing data for Google AdWords and DoubleClick.


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