November 10th, 2010 | Training

Google Analytics Training Course from Intellignos and Universidad de Palermo

Training is often overlooked, and yet it´s essential to the efficient adoption of web analytics across an organization. In an effort to help companies and individuals better understand web analytics data, and use it to improve the performance of online marketing initiatives, Intellignos and Universidad de Palermo (UP) have developed a Google Analytics Training Course to be delivered on a regular basis in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This training will show how to use Google Analytics to optimize online marketing, improve website performance and increase conversions, and will teach valuable techniques to:

• Identify opportunities for website improvement.

• Gain insights into website visitor behavior.

• Set goals and measure conversions for lead generation and sales.

• Measure, compare and evaluate marketing campaigns.

• Leverage on the advantages of the latest features and benefits of Google Analytics.

The first Google Analytics Training Course is scheduled for December 2nd and 3rd of 2010, starting at 9AM till 12AM. More information and registration form at the UP website.

About Intellignos: a Google Analytics Certified Partner and the premier Latin American company exclusively dedicated to Online Research and Web Analytics services.

About UP: one of the most prestigious private universities in Argentina. More than 13.000 students from over 50 countries attend 69 graduate and post-gradute careers, achieving a cultural integration unparalleled in Latin America. More information at:


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