Latin America is a heterogeneous environment, so it is difficult to speak of the region as a single business space. However, we can not fail to note that more than 45% of the Digital Marketing professionals interviewed expressed they carry out regional or global actions. Therefore, the focus of this report is not to study the region as a homogeneous Digital Marketing activities space but to understand organization’s level of development in their efforts within Big Data Analytics and Digital Marketing, while trying to identify behavior patterns that may bring clarity on trends for the second half of 2016 and 2017.


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New technologies bring a large set of completely new terminologies that, because of the dynamic of change in the industry, makes it difficult to be constantly updated.

Based on requirements from our customers, questions from students and attendees in conferences in where we’ve been speakers, we have developed this dictionary of terminologies for the world of business-related data that will definitely help you stay updated and we hope it also helps you simplify your daily work.


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At Intellignos we have been helping some of the most recognized media companies in the world to improve their competitive situation through the strategic use of the information. When a publisher contacts us the two main requirements are less data, more relevance.

That’s why we are sharing some of the KPIs that publishers had found more relevant for their businesses.



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Every company is unique, and so do their information requirements and KPIs, so even when not all KPIs are useful for all the companies here we are sharing some of the ones than have been very useful for most of our clients. At Intellignos we are glad you are investing your scarce time in reading this document and hope you can use it to improve your competitive situation through the strategic use of your information.



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