Data Science

Working with the most challenging companies in the world pushes us to be always one step further. The volume of data our clients face requires implementing the best available practices to generate insights that really impacts on their businesses.

Based on those special needs from our most sophisticated clients, we’ve developed a set of practices that drive our clients to a completely new dimension of data solutions, generating exploratory and predictive insights as never before.

Our practices are developed based on supervised – from classification to regression models – and unsupervised (clustering) Machine Learning models that, mounted over several technological solutions, can generate algorithms that improve their accuracy over time in a dynamic way. With Intellignos, more Data is more results.


Some of our most popular Data Science services are:


attributionmodel Standard attribution models like “last click”, “first click”, “position based”, “linear” and “time decay” are arbitrary models that brings more confusion than real information. Depending on which one you chose, the conversion, cost and income will be attributed to different traffic sources. The problem is not just that you will be attributing a conversion to a wrong source, but your acquisition cost and decision on where to invest your marketing dollars will be wrong. That’s why Intellignos developed a Machine Learning technique based on generating a dynamic attribution model based on information, allowing to understand which specific source, or set of sources where responsible for the conversion, what was the real cost and what’s the best way to invest your marketing budget. The more data you push into the model, the more certainty it generates.The model can be implemented in an specific platform like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and Coremetrics or in platform that integrates data from several data sources like Hadoop.
prediction Time for making decisions is shrinking day by day while the information amount increases at the same pace. Transforming Big Data into a decision is becoming a total challenge that’s why Intellignos developed Predictive Analytics techniques based on Machine Learning with focus on simplifying the process of generating real time data from the data capture, to process, integration and blending. With our method we deliver simple insights that couldn’t be generated otherwise.
automarketing In order to simplify the comprehension of how your client data base should be segmented and what are the best activities to trigger specific reactions from those clients, Intellignos developed a set of Machine Learning techniques that results in very specific activities that can be performed alone or be connected as an engine that feeds your automation marketing platform.
adcampaign Optimising your media investment is one of the most challenging activities. Small lifts can generate a huge impact in bottom line, but finding those small optimisation points in the current amount of data is overwhelming. We brought together a set of Machine Learning techniques that once implemented allow identifying small optimising points that can generate a huge impact in revenues. Also provides a full understanding on how each invested dollar is performing.
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