December 7th, 2015 | Analytics, Big Data, Data Science

Data & Analytics In 2016: Superstar Industry Experts Weigh In

Dave Booth, columnist at Marketing Land, have just published a note with the opinion of 19 of the most recognized Analytics experts about “What’s in store for data & analytics in the coming year?”

Avinash Kaushik, Jim Sterne, Justin Cutroni and Juan Damia, Intellignos’ CEO, among many others, presented a very interesting vision of what we can expect from 2016 in terms of Data Analytics.

Take a look at the full note here.  Here’s Juan Damia’s point of view:

With the arrival of Google Analytics enabling just about everyone in 2005, there were huge expectations on how data and analytics can change the way we make decisions (and money) on the internet. Now, 10 years later, things have actually gotten worse, and managers feel that they’re drowning in data.

The digital marketing landscape evolved much faster than the capacity to process and analyze data, and while most companies are now focusing on big data solutions, the problem is actually not technical but cultural. Most organizations were born in a time when data was scarce, so they developed a culture based on this information scarcity.

The “Big Data Revolution” has happened so fast that companies were not prepared for the cultural shift to a data-driven culture. The answer is in analytics governance. Establishing formal governance generates an environment that avoids inferences while forcing the business-oriented decision-making to zero in on the common objective of driving the business forward.


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