December 18th, 2014 | Analysis

Adobe insights on Mobile Conversion this Holidays


A few days ago, Kevin Lindsay, product marketing leader for Adobe Target, started an experiment. He committed himself to experience all his Christmas presents by using his new iPhone 6. He says the rules for his experiment are simple: “I don’t have to convert on my iPhone or tablet, but I need to engage in the purchase funnel at some point on one or both of those devices”.

Wondering what are his findings and highlights so far? Here they are.
The mobile site was so good, Lindsay couldn’t help but to download the app. He enjoyed both of the mobile experiences, but he wasn’t willing to spend the amount of money required to get a discount.

Amazon app and its special offers
Lindsay says it best: “a massive discount, an extra add-on, plus Amazon Prime to ensure I have my gift in-hand early, sans shipping costs. What’s not to love?”.

Searching for a GoPro
While some may think it’s easy to find discounts or coupons for cameras on Holiday Season, it’s actually not. Lindsay was looking for a GoPro on REI, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy. While all of them provided a good mobile experience, there were interesting findings on each: Relevant related products when the camera wasn’t available, and outstanding mobile landing pages. But still, there was in-store pick up involved, and that wasn’t enough for Kevin’s experiment.

Macy’s visual search app
This new app, allows the user to scan a product, save for later, or get suggestions based on what you’ve just scanned. A winner for research: “these capabilities have the power to change the mobile shopping game”, says Lindsay.

Coupon Apps
96% of consumers use coupons, as stated in this RetailMeNot article, and mobile contexts aren’t the exception. Add pushing notifications based on geolocation, and you get a conversion machine.

Crafting Emails
With the constant email bombing, how you choose the subject for your message is what makes or breaks your strategy. Get to the point, short and sweet, and deliver what you promise there.

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