September 18th, 2015 | Analysis, Analytics, Partnerships

The 6 new Adobe Analytics’ features that you can’t miss

Adobe with its suite of products Adobe Marketing Cloud is one of the companies that has been doing more for the development of features for the unique data needs of leading companies worldwide. This month Adobe Marketing Cloud just launched 6 new features that will definitely make a difference in your Analytics capacities.

  1. New Analysis Workspace: Curate data elements and tools for non-analysts to easily self-serve and discover relevant insights. Curation presents the right data elements to other users based on their role, and provides a flexible environment that encourages discovery and exploration -whether you’re a data scientist or a data novice.
  2. Cohort analysis: Compare groups of people who share a common characteristic over time. You can group users based on the day, week, or month when they performed a certain activity, such as first purchase, sign-up date or product order. You can then track those discrete groups over coming days, weeks, or months to see how they continue to engage or churn.
  3. Federated analytics: Automate and streamline the sharing of video data to gain more insight into cross-channel audiences. The “sharer” is able to control the data, down to an individual video level, that will be shared during each video playback. The “receiver” can specify where the data should be sent based on defined triggers.
  4. Over-the-Top (OTT) metrics: Standardize the measurement of both video and apps for several Over-the-Top (OTT) IP connected devices, such as Roku and Apple TV. Adobe Analytics provides the same video and ad metrics on OTT devices as desktop and mobile, providing a more complete view of content engagement and viewer behavior.
  5. Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics: Collect, via solution variables, many QoE metrics-like buffering, bitrates, errors, etc. to see how video quality impacts engagement, time spent, ad impressions and videos viewed.
  6. Push messaging: Send personalized push messages to cohorts and rich user segments! With this new capability, you can create, test, manage, and report on push messages in a single, streamlined workflow.


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You can also download the White Paper What’s new in Analytics 2015 by Adobe.


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