November 22nd, 2011 | Events

A great ending for an even greater year in Web Analytics: HOWA/BA 2011

On November 11, at Palermo University’s Auditorium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the second HOWA (Hands On Web Analytics) of 2011 took place with almost 100 attendees.

The agenda for the evening had an important topic to cover: the changing scenario of the web analytics industry in 2011/12. The speakers’ presentations fully covered all the bases – Google Analytics Premium, Google Analytics’ new interface, Cross-Platform Analytics and Click-Through Rate Optimization in Search Engine Results Pages.
HOWA/BA kicked off with a live interview with Justin Cutroni, Director of Digital Intelligence for Cardinal Path, and one of the most prominent voices in Web Analytics world-wide. Justin discussed about the role that Google Analytics Premium will have in the industry, the challenges the industry has for the next years and the most important and notorious features launched during 2011.

Patricia Tomasini, Creative Director at Activamente and Mariano Filarent, Director at Media Contacts, covered the different challenges regarding strategy and reporting when dealing with multiple platforms and customers. Based on her vast experience, Patricia took a more theoretical approach on how to think in a multi-platform world; whereas Mariano went Hands On by showing real cases on how Media Contacts works with customers on different levels of reporting and data analysis.

Later on, Nicolás Valenzuela, Web Analytics Project Leader at Intellignos, took the stage to provide an in-depth look into Google Analytics’ new interface and features. With an audience eager to learn, Nicolás went through new features such as Multi Channel Attribution, Social Media Tracking, Multiple Dashboards, and more.

Finally, Nico Roddz, an expert SEO consultant, presented Search Engine Results Page CTR Optimization, an in-depth analysis on how to maximize the click through rate of organic results taking into consideration different aspects of SEO optimization such as rich snippets, micro formats and schemas.

The #HOWABA hashtag exploded with quotes, links to tools and pictures from the presentations, which were being shared through Twitter to better capture every moment. Finally, all attendees grabbed a HOWA T-Shirt, filling the streets around Palermo University with black & yellow dressed geeks, all taking HOWA’s motto proudly up front: “Right here, thinking allowed”.



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